The Journey Begins

Educators across the state are preparing to meet their new students and embarking on the long educational journey that spans September to June. Anticipation, excitement, and expectation are percolating and it’s a great time of year.

Many of us will implement new learning, engage and motivate students, and challenge ourselves with new strategies, topics, and ideas.

There are lots of questions too. How will your year shake out? What strengths and challenges will our students bring to the classroom? How will our classroom community operate and to what end will we build community, support the growth of our students, and prepare them for the future they desire?

As we move towards a more personalized, engaging learning experience, it is critical that we take the time to remember the importance of giving each student a fresh start, of letting our students share their strengths and challenges, and supporting all of our students in a just, equitable manner that honors their passion, creativity, and interests.

It is also important that educators sustain this initial momentum across the school year. To assist teachers implementing personalized learning, integrating proficiency-based education, and exploring extended learning opportunities, PLP Pathways will continue to provide resources, forums, and information regarding the great work of Vermont’s students and educators. Please follow us on Twitter @PLPpathways and Google +.

Good luck and have a great start to the 2016-2017 school year.