What do Middle Grades Institute attendees say about their experience?

"This was the most intelligently designed professional development that I have attended in my nine years as a professional. Wonderful job."

"You do a fabulous job! I always leave feeling empowered and very, very proud to be a middle level educator in Vermont. I am one among an incredibly talented group of others who share my passion."

"I am coming away from MGI with empowerment and rejuvenation; practical skills and concepts for my building; and new networks and relationships!"

"The work you all do is of incredibly valuable to rising middle level educators! This institute is one of the best-organized professional development opportunities I have ever attended. The variety of topics relating to middle level and the networking experiences have been amazing."

"You are doing a wonderful job! Simply spending a week with Vermont middle school teachers is an amazing opportunity."

"I appreciated that all of our needs were met and so genuinely. It really did help me to focus on the task of learning and my project."

"The MGI ran smoothly and professionally. I felt supported in a professional and personal manner and I appreciate that."

"I met so many beginning teachers that I was able to really form a network of support in my area, which I am thrilled about."

"I have made new contacts in the middle school community. Though I learned a lot this year, the thing I take away is a wonderful list of new contacts for new colleagues."

"The organizers of this took out so much of the details for us to think about whether it’s in food or a place to sleep and really allowed us to concentrate on what we’re doing here, which was amazing."