Middle Grades Review

Middle Grades Review

Middle Grades Review provides a provocative forum for debate within the field of middle grades education. Inviting a critical perspective, the Review is a peer-reviewed, open access venue for scholars and practitioners who wish to broaden the discourse of middle grades education by challenging conventional wisdom. The Review seeks pieces that explore three themes: Democratic Education, Innovation, and Social Justice, in relation to middle grades education and early adolescence.

Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3 (2022)


Strengthening Middle Grades Education: Editorial Remarks
James F. Nagle, Saint Michael's College and Penny A. Bishop, University of Maine


Critical Representation: Mattering & Belonging for Students of the Global Majority
Rebecca E. Haslam, Saint Michael's College


“They Always Make It Right. We Can Do That for Everybody”: Young Adolescents Considering (In)Justice When Reading
Caleb Chandler, University of Georgia and Kaitlin Wegrzyn, University of Georgia

Reported Benefits of Yoga in Middle Schools: A Review of the Literature
Paul Caldarella, Brigham Young University- Provo and Malka S. Moya, Brigham Young University - Provo

Understanding Middle School Teachers’ Levels of Efficacy to Meet the Needs of Young Adolescents
Erika Daniels, California State University - San Marcos

Practitioner Perspectives

Communicating Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned from a Middle Grades Speech Therapist
Kelsey Jenkeleit, St. John's University

Putting Muhammad’s (2019) framework of historically responsive literacy to work in Middle Grades Language Arts
Kelsey L. Benson, University of Georgia and Matt Brown, Simpson Middle School