Middle Grades Review

Middle Grades Review

Middle Grades Review provides a provocative forum for debate within the field of middle grades education. Inviting a critical perspective, the Review is a peer-reviewed, open access venue for scholars and practitioners who wish to broaden the discourse of middle grades education by challenging conventional wisdom. The Review seeks pieces that explore three themes: Democratic Education, Innovation, and Social Justice, in relation to middle grades education and early adolescence.

Current Issue: "Always a Place to Start" in Middle Grades Education (Volume 9, Issue 3, 2023)

“Always a Place to Start” in Middle Grades Education  

Penny A. Bishop, University of Maine and James F. Nagle, Saint Michael's College 


A Distributed Leadership Perspective for Critical Consciousness in Middle Grades

Kenneth M. Bond, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Daniel P. Tulino, Stockton University


A Shared Vision? Exploring the Perceptions of Principals and Teachers Regarding the Middle School Concept

Shawn A. Faulkner, Northern Kentucky University; Chris Cook, Appalachian State University; Ryan Alverson, Northern Kentucky University; and Mike DiCicco, Northern Kentucky University

Engaged Pedagogies in the Middle Grades: A Case Study of Justice-Oriented Teachers in COVID Times

Hilary E. Hughes, University of Georgia; Rachel Ranschaert, University of North Texas; and Kelsey L. Benson, University of Georgia

Developing Proportional Reasoning via Lego Robotics: Experiences of a 7th Grade Mathematics Class

Shelli L. Casler-Failing, Georgia Southern University and Leah C. Swann, Louise Radloff Middle School

Practitioner Perspective

Teaching for Social Justice in Middle Grades Mathematics: Lessons from a field Instructor/Preservice Teacher Partnership

Kelsey L. Benson, University of Georgia and Ashley Conlon, Northbrook Middle School