Middle Grades Review

Middle Grades Review provides a provocative forum for debate within the field of middle grades education. Inviting a critical perspective, the Review is a peer-reviewed, open access venue for scholars and practitioners who wish to broaden the discourse of middle grades education by challenging conventional wisdom. The Review seeks pieces that explore three themes: Democratic Education, Innovation, and Social Justice, in relation to middle grades education and early adolescence.

Educating Teachers and Young Adolescents in the COVID Pandemic 

Volume 8, Issue 2 (2022)


Educating Teachers and Young Adolescents in the COVID Pandemic: Editorial Remarks

Penny A. Bishop, University of Maine and James F. Nagle, Saint Michael's College


Are Students' Basic Psychological Needs Fulfilled in Remote Learning Environments?: A Mixed Methods Study

Lindsay M. Griendling, University of Virginia; Victoria J. VanUitert, University of Virginia; and Sean D. McDonald, University of Virginia

Pandemic Pandemonium: Negotiating Identities as a Middle Grades School Parent, Doctoral Student, and High School Mathematics Teacher

Veronica Cambra-Faraci, St. John's University

Practitioner Perspectives

Persisting in the Age of COVID-19: School-University Partnership to Promote Equity-Oriented Teaching and Learning

Susan Y. Leonard, University of Georgia; Gayle Andrews, University of Georgia; Allie Loder, East Jackson Middle School; Taera OConnor, East Jackson Middle School; and Brooke Wilson, East Jackson Middle School

Inside Room 111: Being a Responsive Educator through Fostering an Adolescent-Centered Community of Care in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cheryl R. Ellerbrock, University of South Florida and Ashlee Highfill, University of South Florida

We're Back, Live and Unplugged: Non-Digital Gameplay for Review and Fun

Shawn M. Thorgersen, St. John's University