Middle Grades Endorsement Courses

Middle Grades Endorsement Course Schedule: Summer 2023 - Fall 2024

Sample Course Descriptions Below

St Michaels College

GED 635A - Middle Grades Organization - Mondays, 5:15-7:45pm

Instructors: Kevin Hunt and Amanda Laberge - Williston Central School

Contemporary middle level schools are structured specifically to respond to the unique nature of young adolescents. This course explores structures that are dedicated to providing developmentally responsive pedagogy for early adolescents. Topics include teaming, grouping, scheduling, advisory, transition planning, and family involvement. Course participants explore the many decisions required to function effectively as a 21st century middle grades team teacher.
Credits: 3 cr.
Contact: Amy Saks Pavese, asakspavese@smcvt.edu

EDML 270  Middle School Org & Pedagogy - Mondays, 4:05-7:05pm

Instructor: Kathleen Brinegar

Practicing teachers will have the option of completing course requirements individually through the lens of their current middle school context (asynchronous) or as part of a simulated interdisciplinary team (hybrid).

This course is an ideal choice for anyone who is pursuing a middle level endorsement and/or aiming to learn more about teaching young adolescents (students in grades 5-9).

Course activities will ask you to, for example:

  • Identify and apply developmentally appropriate teaming structures and equitable grouping practices to best serve young adolescents
  • Analyze middle level program components to ensure successful schooling for all young adolescents (e.g. race, culture, age, appearance, ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, family composition).
  • Identify strategies to actively collaborate with family, community members, and school professionals.

Contact Dr. Kathleen Brinegar if you have questions: kathleen.brinegar@uvm.edu