Our Contributors

Don Taylor

Don is a humanities educator in his 16th year at Main Street Middle School in Montpelier, Vermont. Don is working hard to create an innovative, integrated, and dynamic learning environment for all students. His attempts to make education relevant include the development of curriculum tied to sustainability, social justice, integrated literacy, and technology. 

Meg O'Donnell

Meg teaches humanities to 7th and 8th grade students at Shelburne Community School in Shelburne, Vermont, where she has taught since 1994. Meg cherishes the opportunity to co-create meaningful learning experiences with students and colleagues, with a particular lens on opportunities that foster community and instill social justice and equity. 

Maura Weiler

Maura is the Proficiency-Based Learning and Technology Integration Coach at Lamoille South Unified Union. She works at the district level to support teachers and administrators K-12 in developing curriculum anchored in personalized and proficiency-based learning. 

Kevin Hunt

Kevin is a generalist teacher on Swift House, a 5-8 team, at Williston Central School. He is an advocate for personalized, project-based learning and values being a life-long learner. Most recently he’s integrated ways of cultivating pathways to equity and social justice to his teaching practices. 

Lindsey Halman

Lindsey is the Executive Director of UP for Learning. She joined the UP team after 15 years as a middle level educator and advocate for transforming education. Prior to joining UP, she co-founded the Edge Academy at Essex Middle School which served as a model a for integrated education for sustainability and the arts. 

MGC Conversations

MGC Conversations is a collaboration of MGC faculty and middle grades educators in four venues: Webinars, Videos, Consultations, and Workshops. Each provides current thinking on middle grades issues.


In this season we feature how reflecting on equity can change our pedagogy around personalized learning, project based learning, proficiency based learning, and flexible pathways. Please visit our latest webinar where experienced teachers discuss how equity plays a role in teaching remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. After viewing each webinar, check out the link in the video description to earn credit. 

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In addition to our webinar series, we host a range of practitioners discussing current issues, middle level practice, and innovative teaching strategies.

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The Middle Grades Collaborative offers the opportunity for teachers and teams to collaborate with consultants to build and improve practices. Our consultation model starts at the Middle Grades Institute and supports teachers as they develop and implement action research to improve their practice.


Coming soon, the Middle Grades Collaborative will host online workshops that bring educators together to discuss current, important topics in middle level education, and provide opportunities to connect and collaborate.