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PLP Collaboration at PAML

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Here at Peoples Academy Middle Level, we were fortunate to have two professional development days over the past month and a half. One of components of our work during the professional development time…

PLP Pathways Year in Review

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The PLP Pathways project was started as an effort to support the work being done on elements of Act 77 by teachers around the state of Vermont. With support from the Middle Grades Collaborative and the…

Using Data to Inform the PLP Process

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With the ubiquity of easy-to-use data collection tools available online, educators implementing personal learning plan programs this fall may want to consider systematizing their data collection efforts.…

Identity, PLPs, and the Learning Community

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Personal learning plans can be an ideal platform for starting off the new year and getting to know the new students who have entered your learning community. This year, after a brief primer on digital…