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Project Based Learning and the Three Pillars

Proficiency Based LearningPersonal LearningReflection

Project Based Learning and the Three Pillars of Personalized Learning This blog post is from from Kevin Hunt, a contributor to PLP Pathways and teacher in the Swift House, Williston Central School. We’re…

PBL: Our Year in Review


As we come to the close of another year and it seems like everywhere I look I am seeing the best-of lists. Spotify is full of year in review playlist and Instagram is flooded with decade challenge posts.…

Our Work is Worth It!

Act 77Reflection

Today’s post is brought to you by Kevin Hunt, middle level generalist at Williston Central School and PLP Pathways contributor. It seems whenever there is a paradigm shift in education it is always accompanied…

Practitioner Perspective: Weaving Goals, Reflection, and Transferable Skills into the Curriculum


This week's blog post is from regular contributor Lindsey Halman, founder and teacher on the Edge Academy Team in Essex.Each Monday on the Edge Academy Team at Essex Middle School, we have a full team…

Design Thinking: PLP Edition

CollaborationMiddle LevelReflection

Over the course of the year, Peoples Academy Middle Level has been actively partnering with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education (TIIE) around the implementation of PLPs and Proficiency Based…

Integrating Personal Learning Plans Into Practice

Maker SpacePersonalizationPLP PlanningProfessional DevelopmentReflection

At this point in the year, you've probably had some experience either 1) implementing personal learning plans in your classroom, 2) planning for PLP implementation, or 3) hearing about personal learning…

Swift House: A History of Personalized Learning

CollaborationProfessional DevelopmentReflection

This week we will be featuring the first in a series of blog posts from Kevin Hunt, a contributor to PLP Pathways and teacher in the Swift House, Williston Central School. PLP Pathways encourages contributions…

PLP Pathways Year in Review

Personal LearningProfessional DevelopmentReflectionTechnology

The PLP Pathways project was started as an effort to support the work being done on elements of Act 77 by teachers around the state of Vermont. With support from the Middle Grades Collaborative and the…

Using Data to Inform the PLP Process

CommunityDataPLP PlanningProfessional DevelopmentReflectionTechnology

With the ubiquity of easy-to-use data collection tools available online, educators implementing personal learning plan programs this fall may want to consider systematizing their data collection efforts.…

Collaboration into Practice: Using Technology to Improve Student Outcomes

Goal-SettingPLP PlanningProfessional DevelopmentReflection

Last year, as part of a personal learning pilot program, we started hosting a webinar called

PLP Implementation Reflection

Digital CitizenshipGoal-SettingGrowth MindsetParent InvolvementProfessional DevelopmentReflection

It's the end of October, the time change occurs this weekend, and teachers are out straight with all of the duties, obligations, tasks, meetings, and things to do that are part of the profession.For those…