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Project Based Learning and the Three Pillars

Proficiency Based LearningPersonal LearningReflection

Project Based Learning and the Three Pillars of Personalized Learning This blog post is from from Kevin Hunt, a contributor to PLP Pathways and teacher in the Swift House, Williston Central School. We’re…

Project Based Learning: Engineering Edition

Act 77Proficiency Based LearningPLPsSTEM

This blog post is from U-32 science teacher and PLP Pathways contributor Alison Gauthier.On the Global Studies end, learners focused on various countries and policies in place to combat climate change.…

PLP Pathways: Practitioner Perspective

GrowthPersonal LearningProficiency Based Learning

Today's post was contributed by Don Taylor, language arts and social studies teacher at Main Street Middle School. Follow PLP Pathways on Twitter @PLPpathways.Practitioner PerspectiveAct 77: Flexible Pathways…

The Second Pillar: Proficiency Based Learning

Growth MindsetCollaborationPersonalizationProficiency Based Learning

Today's blog is from PLP Pathways contributor Kevin Hunt. Kevin teaches grades 5 - 8 on the Swift House at Williston Central School. He can be reached @kmphunt22 on Twitter.Recently, at a faculty meeting,…

Change Is In The Air

PersonalizationProfessional DevelopmentProficiency Based Learning

Maura Kelly is a humanities teacher at Peoples Academy Middle Level in Morrisville, Vermont and co-director of PLP Pathways. She has a passion for working with young adolescents and believes in the power…

PLPs in the 9th Grade

IdentityProficiency Based LearningProfessional Development

This week we will be featuring a post authored by Alison Gauthier, a PLP Pathways contributing author, participating PLP Pathways webinar moderator, and Science teacher at U-32 Middle and High School…