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Getting the Ball Rolling with Personalization and Proficiencies

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This week we will be featuring a post authored by Kevin Hunt, a PLP Pathways contributing author, participating PLP Pathways webinar moderator, and teacher in the Swift House, Williston Central School.The…

Sterling House Implements PLPs

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This blog was co-authored by Joy Peterson and Jared Bailey. Joy and Jared are teammates on Sterling House at Williston Central School. Joy is the ELA teacher and Jared is the math teacher.Act 77 requires…

Swift House: PLP History Part 3

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This week we will be featuring the final installment in a series of blog posts from Kevin Hunt, a contributor to PLP Pathways and teacher in the Swift House, Williston Central School. PLP Pathways encourages…

PLP Implementation Reflection

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It's the end of October, the time change occurs this weekend, and teachers are out straight with all of the duties, obligations, tasks, meetings, and things to do that are part of the profession.For those…

PLPs and Parent Communications

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Late September and early October bring leaf-peepers, spectacular fall foliage, and hopefully, some rhythm to the school year. Among all the activity, and depending on school implementation of personal…