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5 Steps To Re-Energize Personal Learning in Your Classroom


This post is from PLP Pathways contributor Maura Kelly, teacher at Peoples Academy Middle Level inMorrisville, VT.Walking through the halls at school it is clear we are in the thick of it. We are past…

PLP Pathways: Practitioner Perspective

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Today's post was contributed by Don Taylor, language arts and social studies teacher at Main Street Middle School. Follow PLP Pathways on Twitter @PLPpathways.Practitioner PerspectiveAct 77: Flexible Pathways…

The Second Pillar: Proficiency Based Learning

Growth MindsetCollaborationPersonalizationProficiency Based Learning

Today's blog is from PLP Pathways contributor Kevin Hunt. Kevin teaches grades 5 - 8 on the Swift House at Williston Central School. He can be reached @kmphunt22 on Twitter.Recently, at a faculty meeting,…

PLP Implementation Reflection

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It's the end of October, the time change occurs this weekend, and teachers are out straight with all of the duties, obligations, tasks, meetings, and things to do that are part of the profession.For those…

Are Relationships the Key To Good Goals?

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As the school year progresses, students should be working their way through the Identity stage of the Personal Learning Framework. As noted in our last blog post, not only can this serve as a great way…