Benefits of Continuous Professional Development

This weekend educators from across the state gathered at UVM's Davis Center to discuss their work implementing personalized learning and elements of Act 77 at the Middle Grades Collaborative's Personalized Learning in the Middle Grades Conference.

Many of the participants had attended the Middle Grades Institute in the summer of 2015 and reuniting, sharing stories, and receiving insights and teaching tips was an invaluable experience.

Perhaps more importantly, the opportunity to reconnect over the course of the school year allows for reflection and a return to the professional development goals set six months ago.

Often, educators get wrapped up in the speed and complexity of the school year. Goals, objectives, and initiatives identified during the relaxed days of summer are hard to keep going. By attending ongoing professional development, educators can be rejuvenated and re-introduced to the theories, ideas, and pedagogy that would perhaps be lost without these events.

Additionally, these events often build consensus around issues that need to be addressed in future professional development opportunities. At this weekend's conference, themes of scheduling, class structure, and time for implementation were at the top of the list.

Recent blog posts by the Tarrant Institute have addressed some of these concerns and more resources are in the pipeline. You can stay connected by visiting the Tarrant Institute, the Middle Grades Collaborative, or by following PLP Pathways.